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Bear Naked Photography

I am a passionate photographer with a unique perspective on how I see nature and the world around me. Being a Type 1 diabetic with retinal damage I do not always see this world as clearly as others. My vision is distorted and blurry. Some of my photos show this. I intentionally allow what I see through the lens to be captured in the photographs. I do however, allow the camera at times, to do the work for me and capture a clearer image.

The name I have chosen for my photography is derived from the location I live in, which is the Bear Lake area of Idaho. The fact that I do not use any type of software to manipulate my photos brings in the Naked portion of the name. My photos are raw and naturally what I see through the lens.

I have a love of nature and all things beautiful within the world. I also have a passion for taking photos of unique settings. I want to share not only my struggle with failing eyes but my interest in the world around all of us. Hopefully you will share this journey and passion with me.

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